Personal Cities: Above all, make it personal.

Where will your city be in five years? In twenty? How can you shape its future?

Every city leader should find new collaborations to build its identity and an enduring, trusting connection to its community.

How will your enterprise deliver solutions that truly make a city smarter?

Your technologies are the engine of transformation, yet often solutions are singular, fragmented. The challenge for every business leader is to “think big” on behalf of the city.

How will you assess your status as a smart city?

The new metrics for smart cities will give you clarity about your progress and your priorities. The roadmap to faster, better decisions is the goal.

See what is happening in cities across the US and what leadership Mayors are doing to address their most pressing problems.

Cities are personal. Cities are about relationships. And the best, the smartest cities understand the power of connections to the people who live in their cities.

At Personal Cities, we will work with you to answer these questions and deliver real value to your organization.

About Us

New Collaborations

Personal Cities was created to build relationships. We help cities and companies build trust toward an engagement that shapes a city’s future by fostering actions that define the quality of ideas, the benefits of innovation and the opportunities for all who live, work, play and visit the city.

We championed a new kind of collaboration with a transportation authority in the mid-Atlantic—we invited key decision-makers at the authority to join with top transportation technology companies—including entrepreneurs to a “do” session. Focused on key issues of safety, reliability and ridership, the result led to a new tactical plan to build trust and increase ridership.

With a global trade organization, we crafted a roadmap for “smart city” action. Based on their international scope, the roadmap details the universal needs that every region around the globe requires to become prosperous—to reach the goals of sustainability and citizen happiness.

In a Northeastern city we worked with a city mayor and the chief innovation officer to create a smart city committee, dedicated to breaking down the silos among departments. Monthly in-person meetings to share knowledge and common needs resulted in a new, holistic set of priorities—now being implemented.

The CEO of a city design firm wanted to shape a new approach to helping cities thrive—to repurpose old technology into smart, beautiful devices that showcase the city’s identity and engage the entire community. Our strategic advice and counsel have helped to mobilize the firm toward new collaborations in cities across the nation.

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Engaged Partners

Personal Cities and its partners are strategists and implementers. Equal parts entrepreneur, technologist and political scientist, our focus is on knowing and doing.

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