September 8th, 2020

Question Storming—The Call to Action for All Global Urban Stakeholders

Of all the world’s challenges—uniquely expressed by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)—we believe every community, every society will benefit by implementing “Question Storming.”  Before jumping to solutions, before investing in technology, before failing to hear “all the voices”—we are confident, all are ready for smarter, better answers and bolder actions.  

As advocates for Question/Solution Storming, we want to enlist your help.  First, to ask the difficult questions about the top challenges you are facing and second, to do your part to use Question Storming as your guide to discover new solutions. We welcome your ideas and insights. We are available to work with you to guide your Question Storming initiatives. In addition, as you discover solutions, we can help you craft the strategy to design and implement initiatives that lead to bolder, better actions.  Please contact Sandra Baer: to learn more and do more. 

Below is a link to one of our Question Storming sessions, “How to Rebuild Trust in a Broken World?” held in September 2020. It provides an introduction and the “ground rules” for this innovative approach.  

How to Rebuild Trust in a Broken World